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Tompkins Furman & Associates

Tompkins Furman & Associates is a Kansas City based, sales representative company, serving the clients based and operating in the central United States, including Iowa, Kansas, Missouri & Nebraska.

We are involved in supporting the sales and marketing efforts of the companies we represent for the Gas/Oil/Chemical, Mining & Minerals, Power Generation and Heavy Industrial Manufacturing markets through the various local, regional, national, and global customers located within our territory.

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Founded in 1962 by Mr. Ben Tompkins, the company was designed to replicate the function of a professional engineering sales organization used by many of the major engineered equipment manufacturing (OEM) companies. Today the company still embraces those roots and represent major OEM companies for the supply of engineered equipment, related technical support, construction, and consulting services for our regional customers working locally, domestically, and world-wide. The companies we represent are involved in waste heat recovery, heat transfer, heat rejection, materials handling, water treatment, environmental compliance, air pollution control, construction, and operational excellence.

Throughout the nearly 60 years of existence the company has evolved to address the changing market conditions and needs – from the expansion of coal-fired power generation in the 1970s, through the acceptance/expansion of combined cycle power generation and the economic and environmental pressures of the respective markets currently realized by manufacturing, power, mining, cement, as well as chemical processing and refining companies.

Today the company still represents some of the same companies that Mr. Tompkins signed on to work with in 1962. This track record of long standing and quality working relationships with our business partners (i.e. the companies we represent and the customers we serve) leads us to believe we are well suited to face today’s global marketplace using the same basic approach of working to earn our customers trust and working to deliver;

“…..the best combination of engineering, manufacturing, technology and relevant experience…..such that the companies we represent help our clients be most successful!”

Please let us know if you have any suggestions and how we may be of service to you!

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Steve Furman